We believe that the most important part of dog training, before even starting any obedience or behavioural modification, is having a clear and healthy relationship with your dog. We provide the tools to effectively communicate with your dog while also establishing a working and playful connection with one another.

Nick Wilson – Certified Dog Trainer

Although he has had a lifelong passion for dogs, Nick Wilson`s career as a professional dog trainer didn’t begin until he became a Certified Master Obedience Trainer by graduating from Canada West Canine Centre in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. There he would learn about the different personalities of dogs, different training techniques, behavioural problems, obedience lessons and competitive agility training. From here Nick would begin to acquire clients in need of dog training and help them with one on one session in their homes. During this time he began to develop his own style of training while gaining valuable experience through the different dogs and clients he helped.

Nick has a passion for learning and strives to educate himself in the most current training techniques by attending seminars, online workshops, reading behavioural books and being a member to professional dog training forums. This ensures that clients are getting the most up to date training in the industry.

The most valuable lesson Nick has learned is just as there is many different ways people learn, there is no single training method that works best for all dogs. Dog training is not a cookie cutter industry which is why it is important for every trainer to have a toolbox of different training techniques and being educated in many different training aids. This adaptability increases the success rate for both the dog and the client. Even with dogs taking our group classes, we recognize that our pre set lessons may need to be altered slightly for some dogs. However, regardless of the methodology, all of our programs use praise and positive motivation as the cornerstone of our training system.

Certified Dog Trainer by Canada West Canine Centre in Salmon Arm, BC- September 2015

Nelson Hodges – Canine Behavior, Language and Rehabilitation Seminar / Workshop

Worked at North Hill Animal Hospital as a Vet Assistant- 2007-2009

 APDT Member

Group Class Facilities

Canine Comforts is a 3412 square foot daycare facility where dogs can run, play and socialize under supervised care.

They have large pens where your training will be conducted. This provides you the ability to practice the lessons with minimal distractions from other dogs. Only when the trainer asks will you conduct training around the other dogs. The facility also provides an agility room that will be used to provide dogs with fun and build their confidence.

The facility also provides two industrial air purifiers, that improve the air quality your dogs are breathing, eliminating unpleasant odours caused by dog dander and waste, reduces contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses and reduces dust mites, pollen and spores that also effect air quality. So your dog’s stay is a pleasant and safe experience. The facility is also cleaned with a veterinarian grade approved cleaner.

 Learn More At – www.caninecomforts.ca

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